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GeoZilla app alerts your Emergency Contacts so you can get help faster if the unfortunate happens.

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GeoZilla protects your loved ones every time they get in a car. The app notifies you if a loved one gets into an accident on the road.

Because seconds matter in an emergency GeoZilla Alerts

In any accident, the faster help arrives, the better. When your phone's sensors detect a collision, GeoZilla sends an alert to your Emergency Contacts. With GeoZilla they will know your position and be able to offer help faster.

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Crash prevention with Driver Coaching GeoZilla Alerts

The motion sensors on your phone register every time a risk-inducing situation occurs to educate you and lower the possibility of an accident. Be informed if family members use their phone while driving, if they are speeding, or driving aggressively.

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Driver Safety package by GeoZilla

is constantly tracking:

Phone Use

Phone Use




Hard Braking

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive Driving

How it works

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    Download GeoZilla from the App Store or Google Play

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    Invite those you want to keep safe

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    Add Emergency Contacts

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Accidents are common

6 million - average number of Car Accidents each year in the U.S. alone. For now GeoZilla detected

  • Crashes 2 141 Crashes
  • Phone Use 27 725 Phone Use
  • Speeding 61 906 Speeding
  • Aggressive Driving Episodes 19 303 Aggressive Driving Episodes

People are saying about Driver Protection

Diana Diana

My teenage son just got his driver's license. With GeoZilla he's paying extra attention to the road now, which is a great relief for me! He's even competing with me trying to get a better safety score in GeoZilla.

Jeremy Jeremy

My mom is 71, living (and driving) on her own. Being able to check where she is when she's out is priceless. I monitor her drives and make sure I can find her fast if she needs me.

Hannah Hannah

I was driving to work one day, when suddenly a truck came out of nowhere. I jumped the street curb and passed out. Minutes later help came. My partner got the collision alert from GeoZilla and called emergency services.

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