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Keep loved ones safe knowing
where they are and when they
need your help.
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GeoZilla is a Family Safety App. It is integrated with cutting edge devices
to keep your belongings and family safe. GeoZilla will inform you
and your family members of any unusual changes to your family’s daily routines.
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Keep your car or your luggage on your family map
Share whereabouts of your precious possessions on the same map as your family using a tiny tracking device - GeoZilla GPS Tracker.
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Stay calm knowing where your pets are
Attach a tiny GPS tracker to your dog’s collar, download GeoZilla from the App Store or Google Play and pair the tracker with the app. You can then share your dog’s location with all your family members.
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GPS tracker with dogs
Stay connect with an Apple Watch
Stay connected with an Apple Watch
Keep your loved ones on the radar and share your whereabouts with them using an Apple Watch.
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