Time to Connect your Ripple!

Step 1

Having received your device, download and open Ripple safety app. Use the Quick Start Guide provided with your device.

Step 2

Open Ripple Safety app. Enter the 9-digit Activation Code provided with your Quick Start Guide and connect the Ripple device to your phone.

Step 3

Locate the text message you received from from Ripple Safety, tap the link and select “I have an account”. Login with your account information.

Step 4

At the “Awesome! You’re All Set” screen, select either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store icon to download or open your GeoZilla app.

Step 5

Having GeoZilla open, wait for a popup to start your device setup. Add a photo and a name to customise it.

That’s it. Enjoy 🎉

Keep your family safe with GeoZilla Tracker.

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