Ripple Safety Device

Ripple SafetyTM


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Have you ever wished you could instantly send alerts to your Circle with the push of a button? We've partnered with Ripple Safety to bring you the perfect solution. Ripple's elegantly designed Bluetooth device is the most discreet Bluetooth wearable available today, and provides you the ability to instantly and inconspicuously alert your Circle with just a click. Ripple's clasp opens and closes so you may conveniently attach it to bracelets, necklaces, clothing, keys and more - wherever is most accessible to you when you need to send alerts instantly! It is water-resistant and lasts for approximately 6-months before it expires. Ripple is providing GeoZilla users with a special 40% discount for the launch of our Wearables Marketplace. Act fast to take advantage of this offer and get yours now!