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Artificial Intelligence gives peace of mind while raising kids

Every parent, at one point or another, is confronted with the decision of when to hang on and when to let go. Easing your child into responsible freedom is so important but comes with the risk that you cannot be there to protect them. GeoZilla helps parents cross that bridge.

When John’s son started cycling, he couldn’t be more proud. Over the years he has really honed his craft, cycling 80+ miles in a single ride. These rides are usually alone, the one caveat that has John and his family constantly checking the time to see when the ride should be done and when they should hear back from him. So when John discovered GeoZilla, he was thrilled. GeoZilla can help us know his location and progress when he is out alone. It worked well yesterday (another 80 mile ride). John goes on to mention that the low battery consumption was a key factor in going with GeoZilla.

No matter how far away, GeoZilla’s battery savvy app keeps you in the know about your children’s whereabouts. For Harold, an expat pilot living in Dubai, GeoZilla was a no brainer. My children go to school in another country and I really need to be able to track their movements to ensure their safety. The AI powering the app learns the users usual routine and notifies selected members when things go off course.

Of course, GeoZilla is well placed in the GPS locator space, allowing the child to send emergency alerts with the their coordinates, keeping a log of their daily whereabouts to be on a lookout for any disturbing patterns.

Truth be told it’s a scary world to be raising children in for parents across the globe. Having a family locator app installed on their teen’s phone just gives each parent a sigh of relief. Even if that parent barely checks the app, only does so when they need that little peace of mind. This peace of mind a family locator app brings to a parent is priceless.