Our Vision

To improve family welfare predicting potential problems and detecting deviations from the normal patterns.

Technology sculpted by years of R&D

Launched in 2015, GeoZilla is sculpted by years of research and development. Powered by a unique combination of Geolocation technologies, IoT solutions and Machine Learning we strive to ensure family safety on multiple levels. Our apps are used by families, friends and couples, bringing peace of mind to 1,000,000+ of homes worldwide.

GeoZilla Family & Friends GPS Locator Location History

Battery-friendly location tracking

GeoZilla has the lowest battery consumption level compared to other solutions. We know battery life is important, and we will keep your device running for a long time. Use of Significant Location Change (SLC) ensures this app is in sleep mode until you have significantly moved to keep battery life from draining.

GeoZilla Family & Friends GPS Locator Screenshots

AI-driven analysis with behavior deviation alerts

GeoZilla employs real time predictive algorithms, that analyze aggregated data and identify patterns in user behavior. Schedule, route and speed related data are used to find disturbing deviations from the norm to notify decision makers.

GeoZilla Family & Friends GPS Locator Location History

Integratepopular IoT devices

GeoZilla works to connect cutting edge popular IoT solutions and offer them for families to use via a single app.
You will soon be able to use a variety of gadgets, GPS trackers, health trackers and smart home units with GeoZilla and share them with your family.
GeoZilla offers secure protocols and a sustainable IoT architecture, making it a stable and scalable solution, that can operate millions of gadgets.
GeoZilla Family GPS Locator Apple Watch Mom Arrived Home

Apple Watch

Pair your Apple Watch with GeoZilla to let your family monitor your wellbeing and be informed if you need help. Even if you leave home without a phone, your family will know you are safe.



Use cutting edge tech to monitor your family’s health and fitness with Fitbit’s heart rate and activity tracker. Take preventive measures if you notice your loved one isn’t active enough. Finally, be alerted if their heart rate goes up, so that you can take immediate action.

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