GeoZilla - keep loved ones safe.

  • Track and share location privately
  • Get car crash alerts and driver coaching
  • Add a GPS Tracker device to your family map
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Your family’s peace of mind

Locate your family and close friends in real time with GPS on their phones and enjoy that precious peace of mind, knowing where they are and making sure they are safe.

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Stephanie Soo, YouTube blogger

“We used the app in Paris. There was so much peace of mind being able to send it to my mom and sister. I didn’t have to worry how to call them, what hour is it over there... They would always know where my location is.”

Crash Detection & Driver Safety

Crash Detection alerts your Emergency Contacts so you can get help faster. While the Driver Safety reports work to lower the risk of an accident informing you of family members' phone use, speeding and distracted driving.

Pair GeoZilla app with a GPS Tracker

Pair GeoZilla with a GPS Tracker and attach it to your dog’s collar, put it in your kid’s toy, or in your car. Find them in seconds on the same map as your family.

Ed Hardy, Cult of Mac

“There are plenty of tracking tags that can discover your keys in your living room, but the GeoZilla GPS Tracker uses built-in cellular-wireless access so it can be found anywhere.”

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