The First AI
Family and Friends Locator

Protecting Over 500,000 Families
Around the Globe

Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, GeoZilla monitors and notifies you if something is wrong or out of the ordinary.


Controls and adjusts the location accuracy and tracking frequency.


Controls and notifies you of the deviations from your family's regular route.


Controls deviation from the usual timing of the daily schedule.


Monitors the speed of movement and tracks if the speed limit is exceeded.

Child Smart Watches

Wearable Phone

Your child doesn't have a phone? Use our smartwatch to keep them safe & healthy.

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Accurate Geotracking

Know the location of your family members as they go about their day. Keep an eye on people you care about when they travel alone.

Private Communication

Send instant messages or VoIP calls to your family members.

Battery Efficiency

GeoZilla has the lowest battery consumption level compared to other solutions. We know battery life is important, and we will keep your device running for a long time.

Location-based To-Do Tasks

Set reminders for yourself and your family members at specific times or locations. Never forget a thing!

Emergency Alerts

Instantly notifies family members and emergency services.

Phone Status

Control the status of family members’ devices. Know if they are low on battery life or no longer on the radar.

User Feedback

Great ap. Typically accurate. Great way to keep tabs on the kids

by Dini2776

Love it... Works beautifully, and I keep tracking my family and friends... Best app ever... Thank youuuuu... And the best part of all... It's FREEE

by Ann Taylor

Geozilla, works great seems to be more accurate than other apps I have used.

by Michael Cook

I highly recommend! I haven't found a better one. No need. This is the best.

by Flavio da Silva Marques

Love it! Very dependable! Recommend to anyone wanting to keep their loved ones safe!

by OllieDink23

It works great! I tried several GPS family tracking apps and found this one worked great. Very pleased with the app.

by Paul Darnell

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