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Apple Watch


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The Apple smart watch as it is more than just an accessory for your wrist. With helpful features, such as an alarm clock, GPS, calendar, call function, touchscreen, calorie count, Wi-Fi, and more, it almost works like a smartphone. For every Apple user, the Apple smart watch is indeed a wise choice because it is compatible with iOS and has a battery life of up to 18 hours.

  • Please check specification for each Apple Watch model via official website:

  • What Apple Watch model can I use with GeoZilla?

    With Series 4 and higher you will be able to use your smart watch to share the location of your device with your family. Earlier models will receive updates from family members, but will not be able to share your Apple Watch location.

  • Is geofence available with my Apple Watch?

    Yes, with Series 4 models and higher you can send come and go alerts from your smart watch to your family members in GeoZilla.