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Tesla is the world leading electric vehicle manufacturer, and also a leader in the automotive technology space with smart, connected-car capabilities. Geozilla features a native integration with Tesla vehicles, enabling Geozilla users to track the real-time location of circle members' vehicles, view location history and set up geofence alerts. Coming soon, users will be able to enable speeding alerts and natively use vehicle sensors for the full suite of Driver Protection features including erratic driving and crash detection alerts.

  • Current features:
  • • Track vehicle location in real-time
  • • View location history
  • • Setup and receive geofence alerts
  • • View battery level
  • Coming soon:
  • • Set speeding alerts
  • • Erratic driving detection
  • • Crash detection

  • What Tesla models are supported?

    All modern models are supported including Model X,S, Y and 3.

  • How do I enable the integration?

    Simply open your Geozilla App, select Devices from the nav bar, then scroll down to Tesla and tap connect.

  • Can I see the location of other circle members' cars?

    Yes, everyone in the circle can see all the circle members' vehicles.

  • Can I see the location of my own car?


  • Is the location data updated in real time?

    Yes, the location data is in real time, there may be a few seconds of delay.

  • How far back can I view location history?

    This will depended on your membership status, premium users, and all their circle members will se 14 days of location history.

  • Will you support other car brands?

    Yes, we are working on supporting native telemetric API’s for Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Jaguar and Volvo.

  • For now, you can enable your car with Geozilla, by ordering a Minifinder Zepto