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GeoZilla + Trackimo

Founded in 2013, Trackimo is a best-selling intelligent, GPS-GSM device that allows its users to find and track their precious things. It enables its users to see exactly where the things they love are and alerts them in case of an emergency. Trackimo’s affordable global coverage and high-quality IoT make it one of the most popular GPS trackers on Amazon.

GeoZilla Tracker

Trackimo and GeoZilla have joined forces in 2019 to launch a white-labeled GPS tracker named “GeoZilla Tracker” as part of the GeoZilla mobile app offering. This device covered all the missing pieces in the mobile app, as our users were looking to add not only their family members’ phones to the app, but also wanted to have their kids, elderly parents, pets, and valuables shared on the same map within the entire family.

Shared responsibility

GeoZilla Tracker offers all of the standard locator functions like geofence, location history, and SOS alerts. But the best part, now our users have an option to add their loved ones and their valuables and share the responsibility for them within the family circle.

Your kid left the school early?

You and your partner will get an alert.

Did your dog escape when you were at work?

Whoever is at home gets an alert and finds the mischievous pet.

Don’t remember where you’ve parked your car?

No worries, check the GeoZilla app.

How it works

GeoZilla has integrated the GPS Tracker both as a product to work with our core app and as a product offering to market the devices within the GeoZilla user base.

GeoZilla app users are families that focus on safety and thus have shown great interest in acquiring the tracker for themselves and their loved ones.

The user flow is simple: a mobile user downloads the GeoZilla app, gets an email and a notification promoting GeoZilla Tracker, buys it, and connects the tracker to GeoZilla upon receipt.

Core achievements

  • Enabled Trackimo users to use a cutting edge new app
  • User retention of 70% M2 with intuitive application UX design
  • Provided global device presence with 12 languages
  • Stimulated longer cellular plan lifetime value
  • Generated device sales with GeoZilla's active userbase