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Leading family safety and security technology platform harnessing the power of location and sensor data sourced through smartphones and connected IoT devices.

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Unfortunate things can happen, whether it's a dog attack, bullying, accident, or worse, family members get an alert if something isn’t right. ML-based, real-time anomaly detection leveraging hundreds of sensor data-points collected by smartphone and wearable IoT devices.

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Real-time location accuracy optimization - Best in class, proprietary technology tailored to attain the best possible location accuracy, with efficient battery consumption and realtime algorithmic data processing.

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Product learns over time the context of whereabouts, combining geo-behaviors with POI data. Frequent locations and anomaly detection algorithms are used to improve user experience.

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Most complete location history product in the market, utilizing route prediction algorithms, to fill in blanks caused by GPS interference.

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Data driven Development

Powered by a cutting edge, custom Business Intelligence platform that leverages Big Data tools to aggregate and visualise hundreds of disparate data sources using easy to use dashboards. Dashboards allow product managers and marketers to make the best decisions on features and performance.

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Key Product Achievements

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